Sunday, 26 April 2015

Training And Safety Practices For New Forklifts

Accidental statistics says that every year around 100-150 workers die and 15000-20000 workers get injured due to forklift related incidents. Moreover, damage occurs to property also such as sprinklers, pipes, walls etc. Many forklift accidents occur due to operators who don’t practice safe working procedures.  

New forklifts demand extra heed and caution as any sort of negligence may lead to severe damage of life and property. FES offers an extensive of powered forklifts i.e Trailer-mounted, Self-propelled, Scissor and Vertical one man lifts. It provides proper safety courses and training to the operators required for operating new forklifts.

New forklifts

EWP Training: Training for EWP (Elevated work platform) has been provided by us for boom lengths over 11 m or more. The training includes routine check and proper work plan. Yellow Card EWP Training:  Yellow card training is provided for new forklifts which use scissor and boom mechanism. A card is provided that authorizes the operators to avail the training for different kinds of forklifts. We train operators to use forklifts in a confined environment.  

Our professionally trained technicians help in accomplishing the training in a safe and legal way. We insist on a practical and interactive training for operators. The knowledge of operational mechanism of the work at height machine is necessary, so we make operators to go through a written evaluation regarding the working practices of the forklifts.  

We perform a thorough inspection of the new forklifts before selling them. If any defect comes into account after the machine has been sold, an immediate quotation is made stating the repairs.  

FES works with many of the mega-manufacturers, so it provides service and maintenance even to those forklifts which are not purchased through it. We provide assistance to leading brands such as Niftylift, Skyjacks, Genie etc. We promote safety awareness in order to avoid injuries to our valued buyers.          


  1. I feel like the forklift drivers need to go over the safety precautions every year just to make sure that they are being safe. When I worked at a warehouse, we all were taught forklift safety even though we all didn't have the certification. I think it makes everyone work better and safer when the rules are clear and everyone knows how to be safe around a forklift.

  2. I am a homebuilder by trade. This past year I sustained a bad back injury. For that reason, I cannot get up on roofs and ladders anymore. It would be nice to learn how to drive a forklift and keep myself somewhat in the industry.